About Yoni

About Yoni Zaluski

Yoni Zaluski is a Certified Golf Teacher and Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner. He was first introduced to the Feldenkrais Method in 1995 when he developed a severe lower back problem. The pain caused him to quit the sports he had enjoyed doing – basketball, tennis, running, electric 2 wheel scooter, volleyball and bicycling. When it came time to quit or significantly reduce his golf game, he decided to seek help.

After long trials with different therapies/methods, he discovered the Feldenkrais Method®. Within a few sessions he was back to normal golf activity, and the other sports followed soon after.

Yoni has worked with golfers of all levels, disabled golfers, people with chronic pain, musicians and dancers. Whole Body Golf™method was developed by Yoni based on his work experience and studying the aspect of the golf game. He enjoys playing and teaching golf, has more fun, plays with more ease and confidence, and constantly searches for ways to improve his game and enjoy life.

Feldenkrais and Feldenkrais Method are registered service marks of The Feldenkrais Guild of North America (FGNA).