Upcoming Workshops and Lessons:

The roll of the foot in dancing
Summer camp July 28 ’07 to August 5 ’07, Silberberg, Austria.

The emphasis in the lessons at Whole Body Golf is on the topics described in “What do you learn with us?”. These topics are:
. Freedom of movement
. Feeling of the swing and action
. Awareness
. Rhythm (click here to download Rhythm flier)
. Effortless swing and ease of movement
. Balance and Stability (click here to download Balance flier)
. Breaking old habits
. Learning how to learn
. Pain/injury healing and prevention
. Visualization

Lessons are offered for individuals and for groups. Click to view list of workshops offered by where to buy hoverboard sydney.

For details on dates and locations please send e-mail or call (303) 881-9352.

Topics of this program: Golf with awareness, Rhythm & Coordination, Balance & Stability, Feeling of the swing, Learning golf, Feldenkrais Method®.