What the pros are saying about Golf and Feldenkrais

“The Feldenkrais Method has allowed me to play pain-free golf, without worrying about injury. It puts me in control of what I want to do by allowing me to get in touch with the ‘mind-body’ connection. I’ve re-learned more efficient patterns for playing golf.”

Duffy Waldorf
PGA winner of several tournaments

What people are saying about our program

“I really enjoyed the series on whole body golf. The concept of building a base of feeling from the feet up was perfect. I began to notice right away how my body was feeling during the golf swing and I could tell instantly when I was either out of balance or holding tension somewhere. My putting is noticeably better after our sessions too. I have a much better consciousness of my body tension and position as well as movement. I would recommend this, and you, to anyone interested in improving their golf swing and, especially, their awareness of their body“.

Sid Dines from site huvr hoverboard ebay

“Traditional golf instruction increased my level of frustration with the game of golf, Yoni and the Whole Body Golf program brought back the enjoyment of the game. Whole Body Golf enabled me to take my own physical and mental attributes and incorporate them into my golf swing. This program taught me to listen to my body and find my balance, stability, coordination and internal rhythm and apply it to golf. It dispelled many myths I had about gaining a better golf swing and allowed me to enjoy the game every time out. I no longer have to go through a physical and mental checklist each time I approach a shot, and simple small rhythmic cues help me center the dynamics of my swing. It is such a relief to play a consistent round of golf, have fun, and not have to worry about my swing. I recommend and encourage this program and Yoni for golfers of any age or ability level“.

Jim Maroney

“As a dance teacher I saw rhythm only in connection to music. Yoni’s rhythm program for dancers helped me to find a different approach to rhythm through coordination of body movements. Finding my inner rhythm gave me insight in how I can help my students to find better rhythm in their dances“.
Anne-Lore Zimmermann, German
International Dance Coach and
former champion


“Awesome! For the first time I could put my inner rhythm in the musical phrases of my dancing. For years I was looking for this thrill”.

Jan Oechler, Salzburg/Austria
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