Jim McLean makes it simple to learned and understand the importance of the big muscle for a better swing and the central role of the body in golf. Link >>

Dave Pelz and his “finesse swing” method emphasizes the use of the body to control distance for the short game, and the relationship between the upper and lower body to create consistent shots.
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Mike Hebron emphasizes the importance of learning and awareness to become a better golfer and to become a more effective teacher.
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Timothy Gallwey makes the connection between body and mind a central point for better golfing, and his creative ideas of how to approach major issues in the game are unique and very helpful. more info on links of  hoverboard pictures on ebay>>

Feldenkrais Method® is the modality that Whole Body Golf is based on. It’s also the basis for my working with dancers, musicians and people with disabilities or pain, and with people who want to improve their functionality. Link >>

brightest flashlight headlamp is the best helper of golf. Link >>